Friday, August 26, 2005

8 days and counting….

So, who’s writing this blog anyway??  And how did you know that today I was gonna cover the opening act??

Oh well, steal my thunder as you may, I shall not be deterred.

The opening act is scheduled to be Victor Wooten of Bèla Fleck and the Flecktones.  Bèla’s band has long toured with Dave (in fact we ran into them at a hotel room when picking someone up in Dallas before the concert one year).  The Flecktones and DMB have similar “earthy,” “instrumental” sounds, and Victor is more of a Jazz musician (read: “boring”).  I’ve heard Victor on several Dave live tracks, and he’s good accompaniment, but hardly an opening act.  In other words, he’s nothing worth missing a good quality Dallas dinner for (hint hint).

Today’s Trivia:

Dave Matthews Band has 2 ice cream flavors named after them.  Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies and One Sweet Whirl (a play on words from one of their cooooler songs, “One Sweet World”….this one seems to no longer be a flavor, but it once was…I assure you!)


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