Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Musak in my head

So, I've been too busy to post lately, but I have been keeping track of my waking music. Here's how the last days have broken down:

Thursday - See Last Post
Friday - Out of My Mind, James Blunt
Saturday - I think there was something, but it was very weak and soon forgotten...
Sunday - Maybe my weekend dreams just don't have music?
Monday - Place for My Head, Linkin Park

Now, today is the real kicker... It wasn't a "song" at all...

"Don't let allergens or irritants do you in...
Ask your doctor 'bout Astelin!!"


(Oh yeah, and Rick... You too can be mondo sleek and link to iTunes like me. Just find a song in the iTunes Music Store and right click and "Copy iTunes Music Store URL" then paste that as the link in Blogger. )


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